No matter who or what you have gone through or are currently going through, you have come to the right place. After we get out of service, it seems like we face even harder challenges where adjustment, reintegration into society and communication is extremely difficult. Please communicate because I have the very same exact challenges and may need you as a friend. My name is Scott Sepanek and I have seen Hell. I love you as a brother or sister who has served the US Military or is currently serving now (or, anyone else). You are NOT alone! ​


To reach out to fellow like minded Vet's of all Branches of Service (or, anyone else) to communicate, share experiences, hardships, triumphs, pain, achievements, mentoring to others, and most important to share friendship. Why?​ Because someone cares & because we all need each other!

I had ALL my identity stolen. PLEASE protect yourself today!!!

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Scott R. Sepanek

GySgt/USMC 1975-1997

Where We Need Each Other
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