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Sep 2018​​​
-​Because you can handle the Truth ...

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​Our most Heavenly Father. We come to you in thanks for your blessings of love and forgiveness... for the blood of Christ that has shown us faith and forgiveness. We pray for our brother/sister (insert name).. that he/she may in each day find peace and comfort of faith in the Almighty and forgive (himself/herself/ourself) and all others that cause pain and disappointment that is only part of human weakness.

We know in our hearts that it is only in your protective hands that we are forever safe and all miracles reside. Today we pray for the divine faith and trust that is Christlike in the One. Please know our hearts are good and pure as we look to you for our divine purpose on this earthly realm.

Give us the courage and strength to forgive ourselves and those who have wronged us or we have wronged and to know that only you know our heart's desire and that only you provide us with the miracle of faith.

Our purpose rests in your omnipotent knowing and as we live out our days with hope ... despair is only an unkind stranger unknown in our Creators realm.

We thank you today for the blessings of the breath we are given within each moment and reside in the knowingness that our faith in you provides ... in the name of our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Agreed.